Games For Teaching Don't Need To Be Outragous

These just interrupt the student with questions as they play

I designed the games so that it is easy to create another iteration with different questions.

It takes a few mintues to make a new game once the Q&A assests are ready to go

Arcanoid - When you hit a question block, one of four things can happen. Either a red question will fall, in which case you should avoid it or it will shorten your paddle, or a green question will fall. If it is green, it will pop a question up and pause the game while you answer, or it will make your paddle longer, or it will split the ball into more than just one ball at a time.
Bow Hunter - Don't shoot the planes. You don't lose points when you hit them, but they are a pain in the butt because it takes a few seconds for the bowman to reload again. The score is exported into the php script on my site and goes into the students statistics along with the exercise score. But outside of the mindpocket enviornment, the games would only be for fun practice unless we did some scripting and a database to save the score for the player. And I am sorry it says "Click to shot." I will fix that - Just noticed it.
Maze - The configurations of the maze changes with every refresh, just as the blocks do in Arcanoid. These lessons were for a middle school science course on my LMS, but English related q and a are obviously possible. The goal is to answer all the questions and then head for the exit ladder to end the game. Simple but fun. Notice that the smiley guy actually smiles or frowns depending on if you get the question right or wrong.
Race Car - Avoid the oil and the other cars, but try to hit the question marks. The same simple idea here is that you get interrupted with a frequency that is just short if irritating so that you can do the questions and build the score. It is more compelling when your score gets recorded, but the kids still don't stop playing these games, and never get tired of it.
Soccer - An obvious favorite, but a little abstract in the way it works. You have to click one time before you can play to set the POWER of the kick by getting the meter on the left as high as you can. Then you click again to kick, but you don't aim with the mouse. The arrow that is moving back and forth is the aiming tool. It won't let you play unless you get the answer right.
Actually, I have a lot more of these games, but I stopped making them in flash because with Android, flash is kind of going away like the dinosaurs gradually. I am working on a massive multiplayer solution with editable worlds now, so it will replace these flash games with an HTML5 socket based system soon.