Career High School Diploma

get it done and get on with it...

  • Requires 18 Academic Credits
  • Requires 6 Work/Study Apprenticeship Credits

Career Diploma

Math4 years of math3.0 credits
EnglishAll 4 years3.0 credits
Social StudiesAmerican History
US Civics & Economics
World History
3.0 credits (1 each)
Choice of one other
2.0 credits
CareerWork/Study Apprenticeship
(100 hrs per credit)
6.0 credits
OtherReligious Studies
3.0 credits

The vocational diploma is designed for students who seek to pursue a career choice that requires preparation, but not necessarily a full college degree. These students usually show strong creative skill, enjoy working with their hands, and find accomplishment and gratification in working on a job from beginning to end. Students in this program will engage in a work/study training program to learn specific job skills, customer relations, business practices, and other skills that will make them valuable technicians in a modern society.