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School Attendance Policies

Our school system is very flexible, but there are certain guidelines that must be followed. These standards are set by Florida State laws and cannot be changed.

  1. During any 12 month period, students must attend school for 180 days.
  2. Hours are recorded through online study and adult supervision.
  3. If a full year is completed early, students may spend the remaining hours on the next grade level early.
  4. If 5 consecutive days of school are missed, the reasons must be reported to TOPS and EECA (Family Trip - Illness - Holiday - etc...)
  5. If a student falls behind in the 180 day requirement, the student and parents must meet with a school administrator or approved counselor to evaluate progress and create a modified attendance plan.
  6. If a student fails to fulfill the 180 day requirement for two consecutive years may be dismissed from the school.

Personal Behavior

Student behavior reflects upon the school and effects other students, teachers, and school administrators and counselors. Following is the protocol for handling bad student behavior.

  • The student will be warned and corrected by the school staff.
  • If poor behavior persists, a letter outlining the problem will be sent to the parents.
  • Both the parents and the student must sign the letter, promising that the poor behavior will stop.
  • The letter will be returned to the school and be kept in the student's permanent file.
  • If there is another occurrence of the unacceptable behavior, the parents will be contacted and the student will be dismissed from the school.

Academic Behavior

Our school strives hard to provide valuable education options to parents and students. We feel the options that we provide are superior to other options available, and we are serious about achieving excellence in academic standards.

For these reasons, we will sanction laziness, dishonesty, or students who consistently display a poor attitude toward their academic work. Following are some basic areas students should commit to prior to taking our classes.

  • You must read all assigned lesson materials. Do not cheat.
  • You must take all tests and quizzes fairly and honestly. Do not cheat.
  • You must do all your homework. Do not be lazy or late.
  • You must take all assignments seriously and follow instructions. Do not cheat.
  • Do not engage in Academic Dishonesty
    1. CHEATING - using unauthorized notes, study aids, altering a grade, allowing someone else to do your work, submitting the same work for credit.
    2. PLAGIARISM - submitting material (in part or whole) that is not your own work without noting that the work is not your own.
    3. FABRICATION - falsifying, changing, or inventing information or data, or presenting and referencing untruths, or twisting truths in your work.
    4. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE - stealing, reproducing, or sharing course materials before authorized by the school or teacher.
    5. FALSIFICATION - changing any documents that affect your records, forging signatures, or giving false information on any academic document, letter, transcript, id card, or any school document.
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