Many Advantages
For Academies, Parents, and Students.

EECA and The Oaks Private School know that American Learning solutions will benefit all involved, from the delivery partners, to the parents, and most importantly, to the students who take it on..

Good Reasons

Why It's Good For Korea Students

Many Study Options

Students can study in a local classroom, at home, at the library, at a friend's house, on vacation, or in one of our study abroad options.

Multiple Avenues of Support

Get support from local classroom teachers, webcam classes, one on one online personal tutors.

No TOFEL English Tests

English proficiency grows as you do higher level classes, so you don't need to go through the stressful, needless, and troublesome TOEFL score process.

Finish Grades Early

If you finish your current grade early, there is no need to wait before you start the next level of learning. Most students finish High School ahead of their peers..

Dual Enrollment

From 10th or 11th grade, students can join a 2 year associates degree program at the same time they are finishing their high school. This gives kids even more of a jump on life.

Reduced Scholastic Burden

Our students don't go to Hogwans, or extra academies. Our courses include English, Math, and science so we reason with parents not to over burden their kids.

Why It's Good For Korean Parents

A Simple Superior Choice

Parents in Korea have a lot of confusion and stress about education choices. With us there is no need to deal with multiple education providers. We handle it all, and give kids study abroad options too.

Reduced Costs

Every education partner you use will be an added cost to you, and an international education is most expensive of all. With our structure though, costs are held down and quality is heightened, giving you a double advantage.

Happier Kids

Parents struggle with the desire to have joyful, well adjusted kids and the problem of stress in the Korean school system. Using EECA and TOPS, you get a better education with less stress for the students.

Learning Abroad

The ability to send your kids to the USA for episodes of learning is an added bonus. The logistics and worry involved are removed through our programs.

Family Benefit

Especially during high school in Korea, kids are almost never home. Family time is reduced and communication can almost cease between parents and kids during the teenage years when it is more important than ever.

Getting Ahead

Helping our students to fast track their education without compromising the quality will both save you money, and give your kids distinct advantages in life.

Why It's Good For Korean Academies

Higher Value Product

Providing single subject education products is simple, but there is a lot of competition in Korea. Separating yourself from the pack is a good business strategy.

Better Student Retention

Students make better commitment because their dependency on the program is much greater. We care for their graduation credits, so become the primary provider rather than a sacrificial secondary school.

Less Profit Friction

Younger students have teaching support apart from your school, and as kids grow in proficiency, they require less resources from you. Your income doesn't fade, but your required attention per student lessens with time.

Credibility Boost

Being associated with EECA and TOPS will increase the power of your credentials as a school, not only for students under our program, but for your other students too.

Marketing Assistance

Students who leave one area and move to your area will need your help, and when our autonomous marketing, or our marketing parners find students in your area, they will come to you.

Up-selling our Study Abroad

Our study abroad program is available to any kids who want to go. They don't have to be part of our education program to enjoy it, so you can offer it to your students and benefit too.

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100 good Reasons

A good program will start its own fire, enthuse organically, and lift up all those involved. Our Korea EECA and TOPS program is a good one by these measures.

Accreditation and Affiliation

You can tell alot about a company by the company it keeps.

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