Save The Meat

How can a group of kids save their animal friends from being eaten? This colorfully illustrated, 100 page book tells how.

Price - 28.45 $ BUY

Can Story

What can you do if you are lonely and far away from your friends. See what this girl did in Can Story.

Price - 28.95 $ BUY

Entry Level English #2

Verbs and all their Simple Tenses are complicated to learn. But this book makes it easy, building up on the accomplishments of Book #1.

Price - 28.95 $ BUY

Entry Level English #3

Consolidate your use of Nouns and Verbs, learn different question / answer sets, and add Adverbs and Preposition to your knowledge.

Price - 28.95 $ BUY

The Dog in The Fog - Phonics

The book has five Poem Stories that focus on VOWEL SOUNDS. Use the 70 pages with our online lessons to get a strong start in Reading English.

Price - 23.95 $ BUY

The Tiger Chickens - Story Book

How can you tell the difference between tigers and chickens. This 98 page early reader will show you how.

Price - 24.55 $ BUY

Bug Love

What happens when a bee falls in love with a butterfly? Read this story and find out!

Price - 23.00 $ BUY

Volcano Island

How can rabbits, aliens, and turtles work together? This story will show you how.

Price - 29.50 $ BUY

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